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Dr Shariq Nisar earned his PhD in Economics specializing in Islamic Finance from AMU, Aligarh. Today, he is among the senior most professionals of Islamic Finance in India. He is closely associated with both the academia as well as industry in the country. He has pioneered shariah screening of stocks in India and has been associated with some of the landmark shariah compliant products in the country. As a Visiting Faculty Dr Shariq teaches Islamic Finance at AMU, Aligarh, BSAR University Chennai, and Al Jamiya Al Islamiya, Kerala. He has structured Islamic finance courses for various universities and colleges and has been invited to speak on Islamic banking, finance, capital market and microfinance in various countries including USA, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Iran and UAE etc. Currently Dr Shariq is fulltime Director: Research and Operations of India’s premier shariah advisory firm TASIS.
Convinced some of India’s best brands to launch shariah...
Helped launched India’s first Shariah compliant Mutual Fund Scheme...
Bangalore Program
March 27 2011
Tehran 2010
(Capital Market)
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